Cosmos Mug


This collection, Cosmos, is named after the stunning glaze that reminds me of the stunning images you see of what the universe looks like. These comfortable mugs are perfect for both your favourite warm beverages. A simple design, with a wide base and slight taper ensures that you're far less likely to be toppling over that first cup of coffee even on your groggiest of mornings.

A beautiful speckled clay, with a spangled purple glaze with blue and red hues. This simple design is a versatile addition to any mug collection!

Petite: approximately 250ml. Measures at around 7cm in diameter at rim, 9 at widest point, and is around 6cm in height.

Standard: approximately 350ml. Measures at approximately 8cm at rim, 7cm in height and 10cm at widest point.

Jumbo: approximately 450ml. Measures at around 9cm in diameter at rim, 11 at widest point, and is around 8cm in height.

Size and shape with vary slightly as each is handmade. Dishwasher and microwave safe, hand wash recommended.