Do you do wholesale?​

Yes! I sell wholesale to stockists, restaurants and other specialised small businesses. You can either select pieces from the Yen Ceramics range as seen in the shop, or work with me to create something just for you! To learn more get in touch.

Do you do commissioned pieces?

Occasionally. I love getting to create something unique for my customers, but it's not always possible due to deadlines and other studio matters. If you would like something special just for you, shoot me an email. Let's start chatting about what it is that you would like and if there is space in the books.

How do you ship your pieces?

Each piece is hand selected, wrapped with RanPak (paper bubble wrap) and brown paper, and boxed carefully before being shipped with Australia Post to its new home. Sustainability is at the heart of Yen Ceramics and I try to ensure that all my wrapping paper and boxes are made from recycled materials. If you do receive bubble wrap in your order it has been recycled from deliveries to the studio.

Do you offer classes or workshops?

Someday I would love to have a space where I can host regular workshops! At this stage though I only offer the occasional class. If you would like to learn more send me an email. 

Do you offer firings?

Yes! I have a large gas kiln and offer firings. You can bring a few pieces or a whole kiln load, up to you! But bear in mind that I only do cone 10 firings, if you use a clay that is not high fire then you will need to hire the entire kiln, which is sizeable. I am currently doing both oxidation and reduction glaze firings, plus bisque. Kiln Shelves are 500x500, please take this into account when making. All work MUST fit within this. 

Fees are as follows:

1/2 Shelf - $10

1 Shelf - $20

1/2 Kiln - $60

Full Kiln - $120